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Since this is a comission, I'm writing my review into two.

1.) This character is very Mary Sue ish. She's wearing a completely non practical outfit that is uncommon in the show Naruto. She is suppose to be a ninja, why is she wearing bright white and black stripes? And also, I'm getting the sense she's based after the creator because of the very English name. I don't have an interest into looking into her story to back up my case, by my M. Sue radar is on the frits here.

2.) For the Flash:
Animation - The art style was pleasing and very anime, but the actual animation was not. You could very much tell this was made in flash. It was laggy at parts, and looked very non realistic at parts. (When the bridge broke, etc.)
Voice Acting and Sound - The Voice Acting was amazing! I was really surprised when I saw this featured Caxx since I'm a bigbig fangirl. It sounded berry high quality and realistic. The sound was uneven at parts but it was good quality. It could need some work, but I think it's headed in the right direction!

Overall, this was a nice attempt. I'll be checking out more of your work!

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No offense.

It was a nice try.
Get flash skills, make something with more than 7 frames.
And make it more interesting.

... This is pretty lame.


This is the most amazing thing I have seen in years. Your characters felt like people I knew, and this plot made me almost cry.
This changed my life.
Thank you, I'm going to hug a homeless person.

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Pretty good.

This has some glitches, but for your second simple game, it's pretty good.
You managed to make a pretty fun game, sticking to your theme.

Good job, Vocalite.

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The grammar in this game is terrible.
I loved it!
That bitch was so lucky!
Damn, what I would kill for a chance like that...

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The meaning.

I came up with a mini-story to go along with this game. After 9/11, a special team came to investigate in another building. One of the man's jobs was to go back to before 9/11, and try to find a way to prevent it. I think the device freezes time for everyone but the man and the problem. The device also let's him read minds. When he was flying around, he saw a little girl who was not frozen. She was crying, and reaching into the air for a frozen balloon. The man grabbed the balloon, and gave it to the girl. Then, she froze and the device took him back to his time.
So, basically, I say the little girl was the only problem they could prevent.

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Good track, dude.
I could totally dance to this. :D

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DjAbbic responds:

Thanks :)

Best song i've heard on Newgrounds

Amazing, i useully dont use that word.

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i listen to ur music every day, but this is the best.
Me bill is a awesome thing, 2.
I would rate this 1000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000 if i could

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Do you know that cheap rpg website thing, Habbo Hotel? This looks like its from it...

Havegum responds:

well, only cause it's isometic pixel art, doesn't mean it has to be habbo hotel, does it now ...


All your art is amazing, but this peice really is just wonderul!!
I wish to know, are you doing anything further? If you are not, may i try something with it?

exninja123 responds:

i may, but you can go for it! :D


Its pretty :D

And somehow, claming and nice..

that means its good! :D

Hi, how are you?

n/a, Female


I think so.

Dildo, Newfoundland CA


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